Everyone at Custom Service Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing the most effective services in our industry. We know there are numerous companies to choose from; this is why we always go above and beyond what is expected. A good deal of our business comes from client referrals, letting you know we are extremely good at our job.

In business since 2005, we have a reputation for providing high quality, reliable products that solve manufacturing problems with excellent service to our customers.

Becoming a distributor of Firetrace pre-engineered fire suppression systems for small enclosed areas took us into a wide variety of machine shops across the country. We completed installations, placing systems inside CNC machines, to protect them from fire damage when cutting with oil based lubricants.

A few years later, we added two more product lines and began installing Bk Mikro broken tool detection and 3nine Mist Separation units on CNC machines.

We noticed operators using compressed air to clean parts, creating a heavy oil mist, atomizing into the air and settling on floors. These conditions created poor air quality and slippery floors. We designed and developed MiJET products to initially clean parts right at the machine. At the same time this mist is captured, allowing recycling of expensive coolants while improving air quality, and reducing slip and fall accidents.

  • Member of Precision Machined Products Association